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    You're welcome! :-)


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    Thanks foor finally talking about >Johnathan Quintin - Unity of Geometry


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    :lol: Spoko, przyda mi się na matmę. Dzięki.


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    Fajne :lol:


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    Robie dla siebie orgonity i małe chembustery, pytanie o wymiary średnica lub ...



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The Kirkwall Scroll (Zwój z Kirkwall)
The Kirkwall Scroll fragment

On the west wall of the temple of Lodge Kirkwall Kilwinning No. 38(2) in Orkney hangs one of the oldest and most important Masonic artefacts in the world. It pains me to say that a really detailed analysis of the Scroll has never been freely available to Freemasons.

Here on the chessboard athanor cauldron of genecrossing families, the dynastic union of Jesus and Magdalen is suggested. ("The Eight" book). The immortality recipe consists of the 2 LIONINE (Annunaki star elder) recombinant genetic families reaching across the altar of their cermonial union, where their HEART's WINGED BLISS RADIANCE fabricates the TANTRIC INCUBUS COCOONING. There the blue fire in a bubble carries the eye of their common awareness re-PENTING thru the SUN into star penetration. The stellar mapping enabled psychonavigating capability resultant from such bliss charge density being the REAL steerage of the TEMPLARs. (And the genetic saving of the genepools into the Solar worm whose pump they prime.)

Cały zwój (słynny zwój Templariuszy z Kirkwall)


#1 ja 2012-02-28 16:47
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#2 Joanna 2013-07-05 21:24
Linki nie działają
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#3 .Leszek 2013-07-05 22:42
Cytuję Joanna:
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Dzięki za informację. Linki już działają. :)
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